Saturday, 15 May 2010

Unique Aspects of Maldives Belief with Culture?

Maldives, the name given to tropical islands formed in the Indian Ocean, considered as the paradise upon the earth by many is now on the verge of a revolutionary process. As something worse than an alien invasion, has already infiltrated the hearts and the minds of the Maldivian’s.

Believe me when I say that this is not an ANIMORPH story where tiny reptile like creatures out of this world wrap around the minds of the people and control them.
Rather the leaders of the nation have already been enslaved to this new epidemic. Now my dear fellow readers I pose this question for you.

What makes a Maldivian be called as a Maldivian?
The obvious answer to this question, of course would be the religion of Maldives and the language & culture. These two very important aspects are unique to the people living in Maldives only. And also these two aspects are the keys to the Maldivian citizenship.

Our ancestors, fore-fathers and great grand-fathers put pure labor into preserving these unique aspects for the later generations enclosed with it a wish. A wish which tells us in bold letters, preserve it safely, for the generations that are yet to come.

However the new inexperienced leaders whom recently took up their positions vehemently try to destroy these unique aspects which make us proud to be a Maldivian.
Dr Mustafa Luthufee as the minister of education is doing everything he can to make the subjects DHIVEHI and ISLAM as optional subjects studied in the Maldivian higher secondary schools. This is a start to abolish a mighty culture uninfluenced by external pressures until this day.
When the subjects ISLAM and DHIVEHI are made optional, what would replace these subjects? Surely the subjects of science, business and philosophy will dominate. However these subjects aren’t being taught in the Dhivehi medium, rather every single subject is taught in the English medium which would rapidly increase people among the youth turning back upon our culture and beliefs to transform into the ways of the Europeans.

These two unique aspects of Maldives, if destroyed would lead to results unimaginable. A start of an extinction…………………. (I’ll leave the rest up to you)

I call upon all our leaders in our beloved nation, no matter how much you try to change our beloved country MALDIVES into a victim of the western world, there would absolutely be no way in which they would acknowledge that Maldives is in the European continent. No matter how much you try to implement the European laws, we would still be called as Asians.

And to Dr Mustafa Luthufee personally, I guess if you want to eliminate the religion of Islam, you ought to shave your beard first. Cause you are staining your own dignity.
By Al Asad

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